Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Entering into Officers Training Academy(OTA),Chennai

As I shared with you in some SSB procedures which I had gone through, getting in to Armed Forces was really challenging. But the actual challenge, the training, was in waiting, After crossing all the hurdles set by SSB, I reached the Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai. One fine day in the month of May 1995, I entered in OTA compound. Officers were welcoming us near the Mess. They checked my name and other credentials and handed over me to another cadet just reached one day before me and he guided me to the barrack.

I stepped in to the Jessami Company Block. Seniors were getting ready to go for some exercise. By buddy asked me to dump my luggage near a cot. Within minutes I heard an alarm and every one in the vicinity running in a particular direction shouting “Fire…Fire…Fire…….”.At the same time one senior cadet shouted at me” what are you looking at….. run….”I also start running with the crowd. The alarm was continuously blowing. I could see after a brief run every one stopped near a building and doing some activities. At the end all people assembled in order and head count was done.

It was a fire fighting exercise. With that I began my days in the Academy. Read on........


braveheart said...

gud 1 sir

Anonymous said...

Its a really braveness and i'm proud of this type of our soldiers,which paid all life and duties for our motherland.
we need those type of soldiers really.
i also want 2becm a cpt or major also
its a gr8 experience,i think so
bst of lk 4al soldiers

Anonymous said...

Great post. I was going to write something similar. Will check this blog more often I think.

sonali said...

What is the full procedure to get admission in OTA

Anonymous said...

fstly a heartly salute 2 all d soilders,who gv up their own life 4 our country,our motherland....i thnk those people are realy iucky,who gt sch typ of goldn chanc 2 serve the nation...its sch a grt feel,.i m really vry mch intrested to cm in ds field....ds is wtvr here i read....can do only a soldier...wd lots of bstees,,jai hind.


ITS Really great but i have a question that i have degree of Bachler of commecre and computer application so is i am able to get addmistion in OTA.

avinash said...

i have just given by cds in sep 13 2011.sir will the army select me if i have an eyesight of 6/6 and i am 5.11 and my weight is 75 so i am overweight by 5 kgs so is it possible for me to get into the army


Anonymous said...

physicly strng n oficers lyk qualities

stop for a photo

stop for a photo
light moments in tough terrain



below guns,behind flowers