Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Republic Day !!!!!

Dear All,
My heartiest best wishes to all for a Happy Republic Day.
We should be more happy on our Republic Day as on our Independence Day.As the real freedom in life come with some discipline ,and some restrictions to keep up that discipline in our life,so in our society,so to a Nation.In Republic Day, we had come up with a SYSTEM  to function as a nation.A system is must whether its a family,a company or a country. That's the one which gives the identity,uniqueness of its existence and frame work for its functioning and promise for development.
I always amazed by the system that our Military Services have.Also proud to be part of that system for few years.That system gives unparalleled integrity, efficiency and dedication to work for our nation.Serve with Honour ! Especially to  fulfill  one's role and work as a team with no strings attached !


stop for a photo

stop for a photo
light moments in tough terrain



below guns,behind flowers