Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I WAS INSPIRED; A Tribute to Indian Army

Hi Friends, I kept you waiting with my postings for long!!!

Ok,fine.Now you read it.

Today I am a man with self confidence,motivated and with shear-less attitude.The credit goes to Indian Army.The organization I served for five years.It equipped me with abilities to fight the war against the realities of life. The posts related to my emotional encounter with Indian Army is an invitation to experience the beatitude of service in an angle i saw it,the noblest and oldest profession in the world.

Here I have tried to analyze the various aspects of an individual, who be into a system that rare to see elsewhere.Also explained the influences in personality and changes it carved on the individuals. It may be little exaggerated to tell now that this posts worth to read by everyone to live a life of their imagination.But my soul search to the happening in the Army life and the systematic approach,which i was learned and aquired from there will make my posts interesting. Read on..... Aspiration to Achieve,Getting in to Officers Training Academy

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stop for a photo
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