Sunday, January 18, 2009

Command Task & Tips

Command Task (CT)
In this task each member of the group turn wise gets an opportunity to be nominated as a commander and is to required to tackle one out door obstacle of moderate difficulty independently.
The entire responsibility of the decision-making and completion is that of commander, who ever to assist the commander. He can choose any 2 to 3 subordinates as specify by the GTO to assist you in completing the task. In case that you happened to to subordinate of a commander just do what commander tells you as a true subordinate.
The rules are generally same as that of PGT. Each commander gets 10 minutes for the task.
1.Accept the responsibility willingly. i.e., without any hesitation.
2.Make judicious choice of your subordinates. Select those you feel are the best.
3.Your outline plan should be ready even before the arrival of your subordinates.
4.Commense your task after a short briefing to your subordinates, which should include your plan in outline.
5.take pride in your task as a commander by displaying interest and enthusiasm and urgency.
6.Have a total control over team.
7.Give orders like orders. i.e., be firm and clear in your instruction.
8.Though you are the commander be polite in your dealings at no stage loose temper and display aggressive tendencies.
9.Don’t give vague instructions.
10.No stage you should take suggestion from your subordinates in this task.
11.As a commander you should physically work along with your subordinates.
12.Take quick and correct decision particularly when you face difficulties.
13.As a commander do take initiative when you get an opportunity.
14.remain cool and composed when in difficult situation.
15.remember there are many a solution in the task, there fore when you get stuck think of alternative solution opened to you.
16.When the task is completed thank your subordinates before you sending them.
17.At the end of the task when the GTO calls for other solution offer as many solution as possible.
18.Ensure you follow the rules and your subordinates also follow it. In case any rule is broken do the remedial action without delay.
19.Also read tips for PGT.

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