Thursday, January 22, 2009

Intelligence Test

Intelligence Test This is the first test conducted in SSB, in order to determine the basic intelligence of a candidate. For certain entry passing written exams not a criteria then it is termed as screening test also. The test consists of two tests of papers, which the candidates have to tackle. Each test may contain maximum of 60 questions in such case the time allotted is maximum of 40 minutes. In case the questions are less the time should be correspondingly reduce. The questions are of two types Non verbal (Fig or Diagrammatic) and verbal. There for the first test may be exclusively non verbal or second test verbal vice versa or both the test may be mix of both.

1.Be quick in tackling the question other wise you will not be able to complete the test on time. 2.In the first round attempt the question that strike you straight away and than go for second and third round etc.. 3.Establish the logic of question before you look for answer at times the answer may appear similar in that case get back to the question and establish the second point of logic so that you can able to hit the correct answer. 4.Be very careful that the answer serial no. correspond to the correct question no. 5.At time when you find the forward calculation or approach is difficult for you then you may from the answer backwards and trail and error method get correct answer. This method is time consuming and there for do so in last round. 6.You may practice intelligence from any book of intelligence because more you practice more you will familiar with the variety of problem and you would score better. 7.Remain cool and do not be tensed up while undergoing test.


Rohini said...

Thank u for giving such useful instructuions...

raja said...

thanku very much i reqest u to write how to tackle thematic apperception test &word assioation test plz i got letter by NAVYfor SSB interview

raja said...

and also about NAVAL ACDEMY IN banglore

Aniket Joshi said...

Sir, I am very interested in joining the armed forces, through the CDSE exam.My hright is 165 cm, and vision acuity is 6/6 for right eye and 6/12 for the other. Do I satisfy the physical requirements.What are the minimum physical requirements?

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