Monday, March 22, 2010

Prepare for move

In this station, I attended the church function and involved in all the proceedings sitting in the front bench. I felt the god’s presence as days light. In Masjid, Mandir, Gurudwara, Church or what ever way we call it we go and focus our thoughts to the altar and pray as focusing the sunlight with a lens and feel its power.

One day we assembled in brigade head quarter to send off the commander. He is retiring from his service. All the soldiers from that station had assembled there to pull the Jonga decorated with flowers from head quarter building to the gate. There was a strong emotional attachment and bond as one from the family is going back proudly fulfilling his duty after devoting his whole life to the Nation.

      a break during outdoor exercise in academy

It’s always important for an organization to have a proper communication procedure. Army has an excellent way to do that. It’s not in the procedure, but the commitment in following it. So no flip flops and no goof ups. Structured, time bounded, directional, KISS (Keep It Simple and Short) orders reach faster undiluted to all levels and with a feedback at every stage.

By this time the full unit was getting prepared to move. I had to go and see the packing of various sections. Prepared load chart in the vehicle as per items to be loaded in each vehicle. Finally we had to move. I became the In charge of the transport column ,became a convoy commander taking around 40 loaded vehicles under my supervision, travelled around 250 kms to reach the rail head, where from our special train to Jammu had been booked.

Getting closer to my first Army unit

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stop for a photo
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