Sunday, April 24, 2011

What is your morality level ?

As much as I understand Morality : you can call it as principles, ethics, goodness, morals, decency, honesty or integrity has a strong base in human mind. But only the level varies, and all have their own definition. I have seen many otherwise good people taking bribe, for them its not a bribe, its part of the system they work. it has nothing to do with their morality. They have to live with it. Earlier one such person was working in one govt department as scientist. After few years when he joined another department he had to get accustomed to that life. Even if he decide not take bribe for him, he has to do it for the share of his seniors. It’s like when you are in Rome act like Roman.
Even in private companies such immoral activities happening. In one company, sales manager bought an old machine(low price) and resold at higher price to another customer telling its a new machine and accounted in the company books  the old machine price only. When new customer contacted the company with problems in the machines than only whole story become public.This time he was caught,but its his regular affair. OK! we will tell this sales manager has no moral. What you think about moral of the MD, who retained him telling that he gets good business.Then you should think what will be the morale of other employees in this company.

I have seen some sales executives correct the actual invoice in pdf file for higher amount and give to customer. If you ask the sales executive, he will ask if company can make lakhs using me, why i can't make thousand in one deal. Where, we will underline the morality.

In a reputed international company that develop software  , an intangible product and lot of piracy is around, the person is a sales manager of particular area, he meet the target the company ask, but he sell in between few software (without company knowledge) the pirated as original license.More than that he go to other people who use pirated software and threaten them to buy software and when they express thier inability to buy,allow them to use the pirated one,if they are ready to give few thousands to him.

Last week I parked my car on a road side in Chennai,I had taken care that its not distrub the traffic and not in the no parking area.But the traffic police came and locked the wheel and gone leaving a slip with his contact number.When I called him and he came to the site to charge me and to remove the lock.He put a penality of very large amount,when I arrgued with him,he was ready to leave me with a smaller amount without bill.I had to accept that as I had to hurry for an important assignment.I felt guilty that I am feeding a currupted system!!!See the traffic constable mentality,he used to such collections and feels as his right.

Corrupt practices in our country is the off shoot of the corrupted ideologies and basic value system in our life??????

 Morality is in the mind of beholders!!!!


Anonymous said...

In our society the level of morality is measured by people according to thier convenience.

sid@work said...

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