Saturday, November 29, 2008

Service Selection Board(SSB) to check your Quality

SSB (Service Selection Board) is a board of officers to test the candidates on OLQ (Officers Like Qualities). There may be a screening test to shortlist, if more candidates are there. SSB conduct Psychological Tests, Group and Individual Tasks and Interview to determine the suitability of our Brain & Brawn for Armed Forces. But when I reached Mysore for my first SSB, I was not having any idea, in what format the test will be conducted and what’s this SSB etc,. As per the call letter for attending the SSB, I had taken all the items listed and reported on time. Around 100 candidates were there for the test. First there was a screening test and almost one third of the candidates (around 30) where retained. I was one of them.

Then they asked us to do some documentation by filling a number of forms, for giving all information about us. After that they conducted various physiological tests. The same evening they divided us into about six groups for GTO. Next day for GTO’ s testing, we assembled wearing PT dress in the Test ground. I even failed to attempt half of the tasks. In a monkey jump type of task from a raised platform to a rope and sliding down to the ground, my palm and fingers got bruises.

In Interview, I was little tensed but tried to remain calm. When they asked me what all books I have read, I told Hitler’s Mein Kamf etc… Incidentally, I had got that book from my cousin and was reading. At the end of all my effort to impress the interview board was in vein.

Next day when result came out, from about 30 candidates only one got selected. To my surprise, he was my classmate in engineering college. I took this opportunity to regain my confidence and to understand the things that I am lacking. After giving him all my best wishes, I came back home aiming for next opportunity.Within three months, I got another call letter for SSB.This one was in Allahabad. Read on....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Aspiration to Achieve,Getting in to Officers Training Academy

My love for joining Armed Forces buds in my school days.My uncle who was working as a Master Technician in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited(HAL) and had a very close association with the life of Armed Forces Personnel.He always praised their life style,discipline,exposure and adventurous life.I was very keen to know the different cultures of people and to learn to speak Hindi and English fluently. This motivated me to get a job in uniform. Immediately after intermediate exam ,I attempted to clear the NDA(National Defence Academy ) Exam,but I failed.Almost same time I got selected as an Airman in Indian Air Force and also got through in Kerala engineering entrance exam.I got the call letters to join Air Force as Airframe fitter and to join the engineering college for B.Tech on the same day. I decided to complete my Engineering Degree first,so that I can directly enter as a Commissioned Officer in Indian Armed Forces. My endeavor to get into Armed Forces continued even after my Engineering Studies. Then the first attempt was in Mysore Air Force SSB(Service Selection Board). Read on....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I WAS INSPIRED; A Tribute to Indian Army

Hi Friends, I kept you waiting with my postings for long!!!

Ok,fine.Now you read it.

Today I am a man with self confidence,motivated and with shear-less attitude.The credit goes to Indian Army.The organization I served for five years.It equipped me with abilities to fight the war against the realities of life. The posts related to my emotional encounter with Indian Army is an invitation to experience the beatitude of service in an angle i saw it,the noblest and oldest profession in the world.

Here I have tried to analyze the various aspects of an individual, who be into a system that rare to see elsewhere.Also explained the influences in personality and changes it carved on the individuals. It may be little exaggerated to tell now that this posts worth to read by everyone to live a life of their imagination.But my soul search to the happening in the Army life and the systematic approach,which i was learned and aquired from there will make my posts interesting. Read on..... Aspiration to Achieve,Getting in to Officers Training Academy

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