Saturday, November 29, 2008

Service Selection Board(SSB) to check your Quality

SSB (Service Selection Board) is a board of officers to test the candidates on OLQ (Officers Like Qualities). There may be a screening test to shortlist, if more candidates are there. SSB conduct Psychological Tests, Group and Individual Tasks and Interview to determine the suitability of our Brain & Brawn for Armed Forces. But when I reached Mysore for my first SSB, I was not having any idea, in what format the test will be conducted and what’s this SSB etc,. As per the call letter for attending the SSB, I had taken all the items listed and reported on time. Around 100 candidates were there for the test. First there was a screening test and almost one third of the candidates (around 30) where retained. I was one of them.

Then they asked us to do some documentation by filling a number of forms, for giving all information about us. After that they conducted various physiological tests. The same evening they divided us into about six groups for GTO. Next day for GTO’ s testing, we assembled wearing PT dress in the Test ground. I even failed to attempt half of the tasks. In a monkey jump type of task from a raised platform to a rope and sliding down to the ground, my palm and fingers got bruises.

In Interview, I was little tensed but tried to remain calm. When they asked me what all books I have read, I told Hitler’s Mein Kamf etc… Incidentally, I had got that book from my cousin and was reading. At the end of all my effort to impress the interview board was in vein.

Next day when result came out, from about 30 candidates only one got selected. To my surprise, he was my classmate in engineering college. I took this opportunity to regain my confidence and to understand the things that I am lacking. After giving him all my best wishes, I came back home aiming for next opportunity.Within three months, I got another call letter for SSB.This one was in Allahabad. Read on....

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