Friday, December 5, 2008

Guidance from an Ex-Officer ,helped me to appear SSB with Right Perspective and Preparedness

In the Allahabad Board ,I found my self more familiar with the procedures and I was at ease. As soon as I reported in the morning, I was taken in to the Testing hall, where I was asked for some documentation and appeared for the all bunch of Physiological tests. Next day it was GTO’s Test. I had performed comparatively well in the individual tasks, but in half group Tasks and Group tasks, Group Discussion and in Group Planning my show was not up to the mark due to lack of communication skills. I found myself is in difficult situation to express myself to the fullest to shine in a group. This time at the Interview I had more precautions, this stopped me to answer the questions spontaneously. Even the interviewer checked my nervousness by asking questions in very low tone. As I don’t have that much fluency in the language to cover up in such situation made the things very worst. At the end when the result was announced I was not selected. Not only me no one was selected from that lot, it was a washed out batch. These all never deter me to stay away from further attempts. But I decided to consult some to improve myself before next attempt. Luckily I met Lt.Col Bala in Bangalore and got tips from him. He gauged me as a man of very little exposure to the outside world and with poor communication skills. But his class really helped me to see what’s I am and I am not. His points on Dos and Don’ts in the Interview really worked. I am grateful to him for making my next attempt in Bhopal as the last attempt by guiding me to success .Read on.....


RAHUL said...

hello sir,
this is rahul im presently in my final year of and hav been selected for direct ssb under ues entry scheme.
i would like to seek ur advise in competing my ssb. Although i hav been searching for relevent materials on the internet but could not find any .
so can u give me details about ssb n if possible along with some examples n references
my mail id "

braveheart said...

same thing hapnd wid me sir...
i attended 19ssb allahabad on 23rd sept...i also wen thru the same process u wen thru ..although it was a good experience and i learnt that i committed mistakes in my interview and also few in my gto tasks but i am still preparing and for psychology as u suggested around 20 themes
for TAT..for WAT i have mperp power point presentations and for srt m refering some material form a friend...i will make sure sir that i equip myself with that ...i will have 34th ssc tech for OTA in novmbr..i will get selected...this time....

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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