Monday, December 15, 2008

In Bhopal SSB

In Bhopal SSB, I was in the full swing to perform the best. My Mind, Body & Soul tuned and focused for the success. As usual some candidates and myself reported in the railway station. A military vehicle to the SSB premises picked us up from there.

After some refreshments, all those reported were taken for screening test. Only few of them were selected to continue with further process. We were taken to the living lines to stay for further series of tests to be conducted in next few days.

Afternoon all of us were called for documentation, where we had to fill a number of forms. I took enough care to fill it legibly, neatly with correct and honest information and opinion about me. More than that I took special attention to give precise and consistent data in all the forms. Because most of this forms will have similar questions asked in different ways. I had even felt that psychologists to know our character might scrutinize these forms.

Next day, we appeared for WAT (Word Appreciation Test),TAT(Thematic Apperception Test and SRT(Situation Reaction Test).In WAT, some words had been shown to write it in a sentence. In TAT some picture had been shown to write few sentences on it. Even one blank slide will be shown to write story of your own imagination. In SRT, few incidents/situations had been explained and some blank space had been left with for writing our reactions/actions to follow. My answers to these were words of my true nature with positive, happy ending, socially concerned, brave, intelligent notions. But still today I doubt the correctness of grammar in the sentences I had written.

Next day morning GTO’s test started with GD. Two topics were discussed. One topic was given by GTO and one selected by our team. I actively participated in the discussion and also gave space for other members to speak, generate ideas and conclude. Lecture, the individual talk on selected topic was the next event. Then gone for group Task and half group task. Here, we have to cross/ overcome some restrictions and barriers imposed on us with some rules and obstructions with some tools given and with team effort. I had actively participated by giving ideas to the group and by initiating some actions for the group to cross all obstacles made on ground. Then group planning was conducted and we had given with some situations. Every one in the group had to make their own plan of actions. Then we had to discuss to reach a final solution to present it. Finally from GTO, we had been tested with Individual Obstacle tasks, in which we had to complete around 10 obstacles within the stipulated time. But I had not stoped even after completing all obstacles in one round and gone for to repeat 4 more with in the given time.

Next day was the interview day; most of the interview questions were in line with my bio-data. Some situations had been explained to see my list of actions. My opinion on the then political scenario also had been asked.

Then there was a conference of the Board of Officers who tested us on these days to come out with the final list. All candidates were called one by one to the conference room, so that board of officers together can see the candidates for their final review. They asked me only one or two questions in the conference room.
Then all the candidates were called to the same hall where we had assembled for the first time when we reached there.

The president of the board addressed us just before giving out the results. He had told that nobody to get dejected/depressed or worried if they were not got selected that time. Because some of them would be best suited to some other jobs and some of them might be successful next time. At the end they he told us that only two had got selected and what we thought who were they. Every one started shouting some numbers. My lips were tight and I don’t know whether any one told my chest number also. Then there was along silence before the announcement. The first number was No.7 Sushil Kumar Saini. Then again after a small pause he told chest No.12, Pradeep Kumar KP.” I had found happiness with the journey of success”. I remained calm and cool and happy.

They asked two of us to submit all certificate in original and to stay back for medical. After completion of all physical and medical examinations in another two three days, I left Bhopal to Bangalore.

Within two months, Police verification had come to my permanent and present address. Very soon I had got the letter to join for Training in OTA,Chennai.              Read on.....

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Anonymous said...

sir how many are able to clear the screening tests

shaifali said...

sir reallly impressed!
i want to kno how can i rech for this kind of interview of ssb?
i am a student from Vsem cs branch
please let me know abt the exam i hav to qualify

Abhisek said...

Sir, can u share what number of students get selected from bhopal board? I have heard that the selection number if good in Bhopal Board

Abhisek said...

Sir,can you tell how many selection goes from Bhopal Board? I have heard that the number of selection in Bhopal Board is good in compared to other boards...

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