Thursday, January 15, 2009

Progressive Group Task (PGT)

Let us now discuss PGT, an outdoor task. The group as a whole required to tackle four obstacles. These are arranged in such a manner than the first obstacle is simple and each successive obstacle becomes progressively difficult.
Each obstacle is bounded by a set of parallel lines called the start line and finish line and the ground between the two is declared out of bounds. It is a leader less task. That is there is no specific authority and individual. However to tackle this ground certain permanent wooden structures are there and at the start line of first obstacle certain helping materials (planks, bellies and ropes) provided which could be made use of to help you to crossing over.
In addition a common group load is provided of the start line of the first obstacle, which become the group responsibility to take it alone as the final responsibility. Total time is 15 minutes. While negotiating this obstacles certain rules are to be observed which the GTO will explain to you and this rules are the same for other outdoor as well.
1.Out of bound rule: The ground between the start and final line is out of bound for both man and material.
2.Group Rule: Unless all the members of the group reach the finish line of previous obstacle you can’t proceed to the start line of the next successive obstacle, which means at one time the whole group tackling one obstacle.
3.Distance Rule: You can’t jump across between two points having a distance of more than four feet.Either you bridge the gap or reduce the gap to make it less than four feet with the help of helping material so that you can jump. This distance restriction is applicable both in horizontal and vertical plane. How ever in case you decided to swing any distance with the help of a rope you may do so because swinging in any case is not jumping.
4.Color Rule: a. White: Any thing painted white can be used by both men and material. b. Red: Nothing can touch what is painted red. c. Black: It has no significance there for consider black as the color which is immediately above it. d. Forth Color: GTO will specify it.It may be yellow, green, blue or brown. Only human beings can touch it, not helping material.
5.Rules for helping material a. Two rigid helping material can’t tied to each other with the help of a rope, but it can be placed one at the top of other as long as its not tied. b. Any number of helping material can tied separately to any number of structures. c. Any number of ropes can be joined to each other.
Penalty: In case you break any of the above rule even unintentionally get back to the previous point to the breaking of the rule and there after repeat it or change your idea so that you will not break the point again and again. This remedial action , you do it on your own without pointing out to you by GTO.
1.Be an active participant through out the outdoor task, which means you must make both mental and physical contribution towards achieving the progress for the group.
2.Give as many ideas as possible even it is minor in nature.
3.In case your idea is superior to those of other try to convince them to accept yours. But in case some one else idea better than yours accept it. But there after don’t withdraw but physically involve yourselves in the completion of that idea.
4.Always be there in the active orbit of activity.
5.Display interest, enthusiasm, zeal, buoyancy, and urgency in the task. Your own body language should be smart and energetic.
6.Take initiative to step in first and when ever you get an opportunity.
7.Show concern for the weaker member of the group.
8.No stage show, aggressive words or action.
9.Display a cooperative attitude in the task otherwise the group would not progress.
10.Be conscious on observing the rules and take remedial action whenever you break it.
11.Show interest in the common group load.
12.Last person at each stage is going to pose problems and there fore have to plan something to take him along.
13.every obstacle is at least three solutions therefore when you get stuck at any stage think of alternative solution open to you (left, right, centre).
14.To get the ideas frequently look at the structure as well as helping material then alone you will be able to establish the link between two which come to you in the form of an idea.(use the plank as cantilever beam,both end supporting beam etc..)
15.when the task is terminated GTO call for ideas of our as many as possible.Talk loudly, clearly and convincingly. Otherwise member wouldn’t pay attention what you say.

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