Sunday, January 11, 2009

Planning Exercise (PE)

In Planning Exercise, GTO will explain a situation of events having different problems to be reacted by the group. Each one in the group has to study the situation and to prepare his/her action plan for the group, as he/she is the leader of the group. Then the group has to discuss individual plans and arrive at a final plan of the group.
Now let us see how we should approach the situation to derive our own solutions. It can be done in the following steps:
1.Identify the problem in the situation.
2.Identify the priorities of the problem.
3.Identify the given resources.
4.Identify the hidden resources. the following: a. Location of problem areas b. Type of routes and distance to them. c. Type of transport available to you. d. The suitability of particular transport in a particular route and their speed on such routes. e. Various timing f. Allocate the resources g. Write your solution
Tips for writing solution :
1.Be very attentive when GTO explains the model. Because, that will help you to identify the hidden resources.
2.Properly understand the situation, aim to the change you want to bring in the situation at the end and prepare the action plan/solutions according to priority.
3.Approach the situation step by step as explained before.
4.Be fast in writing the solution, so that you can complete on time.
5.While discussing for a common solution from the group,the tips given for Group Discussion is also applicable here.
6.Be active and convince your points with supporting reasons.
7.However, when your point being opposed by valid reasons, except it and continue to be involved in the discussion.
8.Don’t get in to heated arguments and loose temper.
9.Do give weaker member a chance.
10.after half way through the discussion take on the role of a moderator to help the group to reach to a common agreed solution.
11.Back the leader when he gives out solution. But minor points/changes can point out.
12.In case you have to be give group solution do give that group have arrived not own.

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