Sunday, January 11, 2009

Serving with Honour

Officers Training Academy (OTA)
is the prestigious training establishment of the Indian Army that takes in men and lady cadets to be commissioned as Short Service Commissioned Officers.

The entry into the OTA is through Combined Defence Service(CDS) examinations conducted by the UPSC followed by an SSB interview(for non-technical cadets).
Technical cadets (those with an engineering degree in the notified discipline), NCC special entry scheme cadets and Women cadets will have to clear the SSB interview only.
The OTA offers short service commission to its cadets who pass out, which means that at the end of year five, an officer has three options: leaving the force ;opting for permanent commission or opting for an extension of another five years.
Till recently there was no provision for extension of period of service for women officers beyond 10years.Now they can serve up to 14years.
But men only have the option of seeking permanent commission. Women Officers however, enjoy the same perks and privileges as male officers.
The job involves much more than handling a battlefield situation or a low intensity conflict.
It is as much about intellect, quick thinking and judgment as it is about courage. And of course, you should have it in you to make it to the course.
Having read all this, you feel like to know more………………

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Anonymous said...

Hello Captain,
Your blog on life in OTA is really cool and insightful.

I am Abhishek and am interested in joining ARMY. I am 19 now, completed my polytechnique and am in pvt. service now. I intend to pursue AMIE and join Indian Army. I am not sure if AMIE is accepted as qualification by the ARMY. Will you please let me know about the same. My sincere apologies for putting such a question to you. I am desperate to know about the same and the upse website is not much clear on the same. Please do let me know about the same in case you know about it.

with warm regards

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