Friday, July 31, 2009

Disciplined Prompt Action is A Soldier’s Virtue

with my Drill Ustad Kashmira Singh and Jessami Company in OTA,Madras

Similar to every individual’s life, crisis is common and unavoidable in every mission. We are taught to prepare for any unexpected events in life. We have to work with the limited resources available in least time. Every crisis to be managed well. Our extempore nature is called in every minute. All our preparedness is to face the situation with lot of contingency plans. Decision making is the prime factor. First lesson in the academy is to keep ourselves lean and disciplined. Drill is the prime activity to develop promptness in action on each and every command. Integrity in thought and action achieved through it. It is the prime requirement of every soldier.


Abhijeet said...

Hello Sir you are doing excellent job by clarifying our doubts and giving counseling which are price less. Sir i have appeared for SSB 2 times, but i m not recommended both the time.At that time i was unaware of my mistakes.After reading to your blog & instruction my all doubts are clear and now i recognized my mistakes. Thanks a lot. Sir frankly speaking i never thought of joining Army before attending to SSBs but after Attending to my 1st SSB i don't know what happened to my I suddenly got boost up to join only this profession. I have my SSB for Navy in March 2010. Sir i always need your guidance plz be in touch at:

Capt Pradeep Kumar K. Padmanabhan said...

All the best .Please feel free to mail me at any point of time.

critic said...

sir , i m serving in ASC. earlier i had applied for sco two times but didnt succeeded. now i m appearing for the sco 29 in bhopal pl give me some suggestions sir....i m little bit confused ..

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