Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Transformation Begins......

The life in the Academy was really tough and had tight schedules. Early morning start with Drill in OG dress. Within 10 minutes after completion of Drill, we have to change in PT dress and have to fall in the PT ground. After PT, take bath, change in to Mufti and rush to GC's mess for breakfast. Come back to barracks after breakfast to take the books and other material for next session. It may be in-door or out door classes and the class room for next period may be at some other corner of the campus. If its weapon training class we have to rush to “koth” to collect the weapon and then go to Weapon Training area. So we have to literally run to reach in the classes on time. After Lunch break there may have some rest, for those are prompt and if not caught for any wrong doing, otherwise we will be in the drill ground under sun doing punishment parade .Evening games parade, hobby club on selected days, study parade, dinner and night light off on fixed time. Sunday is engaged with weapon cleaning and compulsory movie(forbidden from sleeping in the hall !! We will get frequent wake up call through out the movie!!).We hardly get any time to think about the outer world. 

By the end of the first term all the cadets come to the same grid. Their response will be matching and every movement would have synchronized like in drill parade ground. In first term every cadets are made broken physically and mentally and a new solid man was moulded in that place. This transform every cadets to capable men having administrative, leadership and managerial capability to handle any kind of situations and problems arise in service. Now all mental blocks are vanished, man making start. In second term we get opportunity to improve more and implement what we learned on our juniors and open to outer world.

after a cycle parade

during a sight seeing trip

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thanks for taking us inside the OTA with your words

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stop for a photo
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