Monday, August 30, 2010

Reach the North most Railway station to move further by road

With almost one week travel in the train,we reached the station where we had to unload our things to move further towards the field area by road.After emptying the train we stayed in the nearby Army units for another one week  to plan and prepare the move.All the things that we got in the train again loaded to the available Army Vehicles and balance in the Civil Hired Transport(CHT) vehicles.

on top of  mountain pass

  with my company commander in our post

We had to move another 400km by road.It the month of June not that much snow in the roads.Our advance party had moved into the field by Nov-Dec and where complaining about snow all over the place and they had to walk/slide over it to reach the destination.But for main column we had planned no-snow time that because of the huge stock of stores and equipments we had to carry with us.We halted at four  nights on the way before reaching Base Camp.Because the large column moves in very slow speed.Every night the cold was better than the previous day.At the last halt I had to get inside two sleeping bags one over the another to escape from the sever cold.The place was on the bank of river and below a narrow hill gap .The sound of chilly wind and the sound of  river water made it a musical night.

Next day we reached the destination.Gun fire from the other side of the boarder welcomed us.They had come to know through their intelligence that new unit is occupying the location.So they want to show their presence or want to scare the new troops!!!! In base  all of us camped for the night .Next day company wise moved to the respective bunkers adjacent to the border and took over  command and control of the area allocated.

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stop for a photo
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