Sunday, October 31, 2010

Command and Control

One of the patrol route

My movement from base camp to the hill top post  had made earlier than scheduled.We were getting ready  to move that day suddenly we got instructed to move immediately as there was a secret information that some militants are hiding  in one of the house on the way to our post.As I was new to face such situations our Commanding Officer(CO) was ready to send an experienced officer with us.We moved up hill reached near the house,cordoned,and challenged on militants and moved inside the house for search.Only we could find some ladies and children.I am not sure whether the information was wrong or militants moved away before we get in.whatever It was my first hand experience in the field.We were very careful in each step we keep on earth,that there is a possibility that militants put trap wires or keeping grenade pin opened with lever pressed with some support  of roots, stones etc.A slight touch will make it explode.
Once we reached the post after 4hours of walking up hill, we took over our company posts.We had 5 posts under D company .There is a river flowing front side acting as the borderline between the two countries.other side of the river in the valley their state highway is there.The  previous Unit form whom we took over the security of this area,had forced to stop plying of vehicle on that road.Because the other country used that road against us for transporting military and militants.
As we have short of officers , we had only three officers in our company.In few days our Officer Commanding(OC) company had deputed for some other work in Delhi and he had to leave the post.So by default I have to do the officiating OC duties,as the third officer also new but I was one up in rank ( technical entry).

checking the pistol before moving out for patrol

I remained in command post in one hill top and the other officer was send to another hill top around 2 hours walk.Inside my post there is a Peerbaba Mandir.One time people from other side of the river also used to visit the temple.The villge under our area was once had famous market and there were many educated localites residing in that area.I did my first patrolling duty with my men to familerize the area and  the gaps through which the militants can nudge in to our country  and had to take necessary measures to prevent that.I used to give routine reports to the commanding officer and any unusual movements noted in the other side is immediately reported.I used to do   frequent visits to all posts under my controll and observed things and took inputs from the men who manned the posts.

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