Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't lock horns with Seniors and never ever with Juniors

I came to know that my first unit had arranged a grand welcome to receive me at railway station.But luckily or unluckily ,I missed it.Its for sure that this kind of welcome into new unit will mix with some special experiences and incidents having some sort of  embarrassment on waiting.I had informed the unit my expected time of arrival(ETA),so that i will reach one day prior to the joining date .I had to get down at a  place in the main route and had to take another train to reach the railway station close to the unit.

Because of the main train in which I was coming got late ,the welcome program got canceled as they were not able to track me on what time I will reach.The first train, instead of early morning it reached in the noon time. Then I had to get down and wait for connecting train to travel about 45 minutes to reach the railway station where from my transport had been arranged to the unit.

As those who were waiting to receive me had gone back after long waiting,as soon as I  reached the railway station,I gave ring to the unit for transport.So they send a Jonga with a driver and other two Jawans to help me with my luggage.I was in mufti dress.The jawans identified me while I was waiting in the MCO waiting room.They greeted me and guided me to the vehicle.I was little vigilant  and conscious on the movement of these people came to receive me.

When two of them lifted my luggage and moved ahead of me,i was little suspicious that whether it will reach me on time.As there is a fair chance to fool me for sometime,its too common while joining in new unit,as I heard  from the academy.Sometimes senior officers themselves will come in jawan's dress to check how we behave with jawans and react in particular situations etc...and  so I presumed that anything can happen with me also.

But this time I escaped from such situations,thanks to the late running trains.Officers had planned for something like that to me in the morning,but they got engaged in some other works at the time i reached in the railway station.However when I joined my technical unit after attachment with this unit in the field,I couldn't miss this event.Those interesting incidents I will narrate to you  in some other time.

On the way the driver had driven the vehicle in very high speed. I sensed he want to scare me and want to check how i will react to it. He might have eager to know the grit of his officer who is going to command him ,especially in difficult times.

Immediately I reached the unit,I had to change in OG dress and was marched up to the commanding officer.He interviewed me.He gave me some advice and told me the importance of technical officers for doing attachment with infantry units.He felt that then only technical officers can understand the real time problems of field army for getting the repair , recovery and other technical support for the vehicles and equipments used during the war.From this I can understand the hardship of  users,so that when they come for our support I can handle them in right perspective.

As per the tradition of the unit, I had to stay with jawans in the barrack  and should dine with them with the food from" lungar"  and should work as one of them for few weeks before move in to Officer's Mess.

 with the Company Havildar Major(CHM) in front of the barrack ,I stayed with my Jawans

A Soldier's faith is that "I am here to serve in the unit, serve the nation. Its my duty and the role that I selected to perform.So there is no place for any ego with any one,no internal  friction with anyone for anything.Happy to flourish in my role at the best.Better avoid any stalemate with people around us,whatever may be the levels in which they are.Hence new avenues are opened to go ahead and to lead a purposeful life." This kind of a soldier's mindset will be a very good example to follow for every human beings in this world.Read more....

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